Issue #1642 – Posted on: 18-July-2022

BREWERY “HOPP”ENINGS:  Bushwakker Head brewer, Michael Gaetz, reports that our German-style Hefeweizen, SUMMER WHEAT, is back on tap and in our offsale! Only one tank will be made available this summer so don’t dilly-dally. Our brand new PASSION-BERRY (Passion Fruit & Raspberry) fruit beer is also available as is our KAI’S MUNICH HELLES. In addition to taking our beer home in glass bottles and 2 litre jugs direct from our pub, you can find a varying selection of 650 ml bottles of Bushwakker beer in a number of REGINA SLGA stores.


You know the Saskatchewan summer heat is here when we release our Summer Wheat! Previously voted as the best summer beer in Saskatchewan on CBC Saskatchewan radio.


Thank you Regina! Of the dozen wins in the 2022 Best of Food Regina Awards, the BEST REGINA RESTAURANT category was a big one! Congrats to Chef Mike Monette and his hard-working and dedicated kitchen crew. Hats off to Cheryl and Rayna and all the front staff for taking such good care of our incredible legion of Bushwakker fans. This is truly a team win!


This Weekend’s July 15th & 16th Special Dining Feature is CUBAN STEW for $19.95. Our Saturday CLASSIC STEAK & A PINT SPECIAL will also be available. Our Monday and Wednesday WINGS & A PINT SPECIAL and Tuesday PIZZA & A PINT SPECIAL are also great value deals.

Our SASK CRAFT GUEST TAP is currently pouring the MODERN IPA from Nokomis Craft Ales. Next up is a BLACKBERRY BLONDE ALE from Saskatoon’s High Key Brewing.

JULY PREMIUM WINE FEATURES This month’s wine features are summer-inspired lighter offerings.  From Canada – JACKSON TRIGG’S LIGHT (8.0% ABV) WINES. The red is a Light CABERNET SAUVIGNON and the white is a Light PINOT GRIGIO.  Both are available at the lighter price of only $6.95 for a glass and $19.95 for a half litre.


Big shout out to DIEL SCHNEIDER UPHOLSTERY for re-stuffing our bench seating last week. Things just got a whole lot comfier at your Bushwakker! Prepare to settle in a little longer.


Our summer Blackberry Mead Release is in full swing. Those summer tourists dropping by have a chance to pick up some bottles of our famous mead without having to return to Regina in early December. Smiles all around!


The Bushwakker has been a SEA OF GREEN for many weekends this July. This weekend we’ll take a “Green Break” as our beloved Riders will be playing in Toronto on July 16th. Riders are back home Saturday, July 23.


The Regina HOP CIRCUIT is back for a third year running from the May Long Weekend until the Labour Day Long Weekend. Check out the  2022 Hop Circuit video at Hop Circuit 2022_v5 (  Grab a map and visit all six participating breweries and receive a 2022 commemorative beer glass. Download the free app at  Hop Circuit « Tourism Regina to make your experience even slicker!

July 18: Monday Night Jazz & Blues. TDC INC. Jazz, blues and little rock from this group of distinguished gentleman and one very talented lady! 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM.


July 20: Wednesday Folk Night. FRESH BREATH. Alternative folk rock duo on a cross Canada tour is back for another performance! International Blues & Roots Radio Competition finalists. 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM.


July 23:  RIDERS VS ARGONAUTS. The July Rider home game blitz continues! Kickoff is at 5:00 PM. Be sure to stop by before or after the game and enjoy our gourmet TORONTO BURGER & A PINT SPECIAL.


We are open Monday – Thursday from 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM. The kitchen closes at 9:00 PM and last call is at 9:15 PM. Fridays and Saturdays we are open from 11:00 AM until 11:00 PM. The kitchen is open until 10:00 PM and last call is at 10:15 PM.

Reservations are accepted and encouraged. We accept a limited number of reservations as late as 6:00 PM every day except Fridays. Fridays we accept reservations as late as 3:00 PM. Call us at 306-359-7276 to secure your table. Our two banquet rooms are also available for private party rentals. Call Kelly at 306-359-7276 to book either our main floor Arizona Room or basement Clubroom.

A Surrey Salute to the Founder of Canada’s First Craft Brewery

From Brewers Journal Canada

July 6th saw a historic event at Surrey’s Russell Brewing. They’ve teamed up with KPU Brewing and other breweries around the province of BC to create a beer that salutes the founder of Canada’s first craft brewery, John Mitchell.

July 6 marks the 40th anniversary of the day Alexander John Mitchell opened the doors to Horseshoe Bay Brewery that helped launch the craft beer industry in Canada.

Using Mitchell’s original recipe brew as guidance, a new tribute ale called, The John Mitchell Signature Cascadian Dark Ale will be unveiled during an event at Russell Brewing’s new tasting room.

Proceeds from the sale of the beer will go to the John Mitchell Legacy Scholarship at KPU. “The money will help students achieve their dream of becoming the next generation of professional brewers,” Ohler said. “It’s the same dream John Mitchell had 40 years ago.”

Canada Malting donated all the ingredients for John Mitchell Tribute Ale, Yakima-Chief Hops donated whole-leaf Cascade hops, Central City Brewing donated the yeast, and the Great Little Box Company donated labels for the cans.

John Mitchell (right) alongside son Edward at the Troller Pub, 1982

Mitchell opened Canada’s first craft brewery in 1982. He “laid the foundation that has allowed craft beer, and other related industries, to grow into what they are today,” according to Ohler, a steward of Mitchell’s legacy.

“By spurring needed changes to legislation, Mitchell and his partners spearheaded an economic and cultural awakening in Canada’s brewing industry,” Ohler added. “From that one pioneering location, the Canadian craft beer industry has now grown to boast over 1,000 enthusiastic breweries.”

John Mitchell Signature Cascadian Dark Ale will be released in packaged format as well as on draught. A list of outlets carrying the brew will be compiled on


You are in the middle of a few projects around at your home: putting in a new fence, painting the basement walls, putting in a new garden. You are hot and sweaty, covered in dust, lawn clippings, dirt and paint. You have your old work clothes on. You know the outfit — shorts with the hole in the crotch, old T-shirt with a stain from who-knows-what, and an old pair of tennis shoes. Right in the middle of these projects you realize you need to run to Home Depot for supplies. Depending on your age you might do the following:

In your 20s:
Stop what you are doing. Shave, take a shower, blow dry your hair, brush your teeth, floss and put on clean clothes.
Check yourself in the mirror and flex. Add a dab of your favourite cologne because, you never know, you just might meet some hot chick while standing in the checkout line.
And yes, you went to school with the pretty girl running the register.

In your 30s:
Stop what you are doing, put on clean shorts and shirt. Change your shoes. You married the hot chick so no need for much else.
Wash your hands and comb your hair. Check yourself in the mirror. Still got it. Add a shot of your favourite cologne to cover the smell.
The cute girl running the register is the kid sister to someone you went to school with.

In your 40s:
Stop what you are doing. Put on a sweatshirt that is long enough to cover the hole in the crotch of your shorts.
Put on different shoes and a hat. Wash your hands. Your bottle of Brute is almost empty, so don’t waste any of it on a trip to Home Depot. Check yourself in the mirror and do more sucking in than flexing.
The hot young thing running the register is your daughter’s age and you feel weird about thinking she’s cute.

In your 50s:
Stop what you are doing. Put on a hat. Wipe the dirt off your hands onto your shirt. Change shoes because you don’t want to get dog crap in your new sports car. Check yourself in the mirror and swear not to wear that shirt anymore because it makes you look fat.
The cutie running the register smiles when she sees you coming and you think you still have it. Then you remember the hat you have on is from Bubba’s Bait & Beer Bar and it says, ‘I Got Worms.’

In your 60s:
Stop what you are doing. No need for a hat any more. Hose the dog crap off your shoes. The mirror was shattered when you were in your 50s.
You hope you have underwear on so nothing hangs out the hole in your pants.
The girl running the register may be cute but you don’t have your glasses on, so you’re not sure.

In your 70s:
Stop what you are doing. Wait to go to Home Depot until the drug store has your prescriptions ready too. Don’t even notice the dog crap on your shoes.
The young thing at the register stares at you and you realize your balls are hanging out the hole in your crotch.

In your 80s:
Stop what you are doing. Start again. Then stop again. Now you remember you need to go to Home Depot. Go to Wal-Mart instead. You went to school with the old lady greeter.
You wander around trying to remember what you are looking for. Then you fart out loud and think someone called your name.

In your 90s and beyond:
What’s a home deep hoe? Something for my garden? Where am I? Who am I? Why am I reading this? Did I send it? Did you? Who farted?