THE WAKKER WEEKLY – Issue # 1444


THE WAKKER WEEKLY – Issue #1444 – Posted on: 01-Oct-2018


NEWS FROM THE BREWERY! Head brewer, Michael Gaetz, reports our seasonally available CHICO LIGHT SESSION IPA, SUMMER WHEAT, LAST CHANCE CHERRY WHEAT and HARBINGER MAIBOCK are now on tap. A batch of KAI’S MUNICH HELLES, HARVEST OKTOBERFEST LAGER, MAKER’S MALT BROWN ALE and GREAT PUMPKIN SPICED BROWN ALE are also currently working their way through the brewery.

Our GUEST TAP is currently pouring the El Dorado Single Hop Pale Ale from Swift Current’s Black Bridge Brewery. Next up is the Tropical Saskatoon Beery Milkshake IPA of Doom from Regina’s Malty National Brewing.

Our October premium red wine feature is the WALKING DEAD BLOOD RED BLEND from California. The white is the C’EST LA VIE Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc from France.

650ml glass bottles of our number one selling DUNGARVON IRISH RED ALE are currently available at the Quance Street, Broadway Avenue, North Albert Street and South Albert SLGA stores! You can also find our Irish Red Ale at the Quance Street SLGA store Growler Filling Station.

Our Thanksgiving Growler Cornucopias have returned! Your fancy Thanksgiving feast deservers a fancy ornate Hop Handle Bushwakker growler with two Joe Fafard/Bushwakker glasses and a complimentary growler fill for only $75!



Oct. 1: Monday Night Jazz & Blues. A STORRY WITH HUGHES. Talented acoustic blues duo featuring veteran Regina bluesmen, Billy Hughes and Jeff Storry. 8:00 PM.

Oct. 1 – 7: BUSHWAKKER OKTOBERFEST WEEK. Enjoy traditional German-inspired cuisine all week long. Our famous Black Forest Cheesecake will be available. Don’t miss our Jaegerschnitzel with Spätzle and Braised Red Cabbage Weekend Dining Feature. Our own Bushwakker Oktoberfest lager, HARVEST LAGER, will also return this week! Enjoy a pint or even a one litre stein! Prosit!

Oct. 3: Wednesday Night Folk. TONGUE JUNGLE. Great harmonies from this talented duo making their Bushwakker debut. 8:00 PM.

Oct. 3: MONTHLY ALES MEETING. Looking to enhance your homebrewing skills? Why not sit in on a meeting with some of Regina’s most passionate and enthusiastic homebrewers? All levels of brewing experience are welcome. Meetings are held in the Bushwakker basement clubroom on the first Wednesday of the month at 8:00 PM. This month’s presentation topics will be Belgian Strong/American Strong Ale and Fermentation Control.

Oct. 5: FIRST FIRKIN FRIDAY. Enjoy the pomp and circumstance of this longstanding Bushwakker monthly tradition! A piper from The Regina Police Services Pipes & Drums leads a small keg (the firkin) of special ale throughout the pub in a procession. A guest volunteer tapper is selected to wield the handmade wooden maul affectionately named, The Mighty Firkin Wakker, and attempt to tap the keg in one swift blow! This month’s special autumn brew will be a CHAI MOCHA GREAT PUMPKIN SPICED BROWN ALE. The suds-soaking spectacular takes place at 5:30 PM.

Oct. 6: ANNUAL GREAT PUMPKIN SPICED BROWN ALE RELEASE. This will be Bushwakker head brewer, Michael Gaetz’s latest version of this autumn specialty brew. Made with ginger, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and more. Be sure to pick up some bottles or a growler fill for the Thanksgiving weekend!

Oct. 8: SASK VS EDMONTON. We will open this Thanksgiving Day Monday at 11:00 AM. You will have plenty of time to enjoy our gourmet EDMONTON BURGER & A PINT game day special for only $18.95 before the 2:00 PM kickoff.

Oct. 10: Wednesday Night Folk. AMAYA LUCYK. Regina born and raised singer/songwriter with a new EP. 8:00 PM.

Oct. 13: SASKATCHEWAN CRAFT BREWERS FESTIVAL. Our provinces newest beer festival is all about celebrating the delicious and creative brews being produced by small independent breweries right here at home. Fifteen of our province’s craft breweries all under one roof! Exclusive cask offerings, locally sourced cuisine, all Saskatchewan music, meet the brewery owners and brewers! Takes place at Winston’s Pub in the Hotel Senator in Saskatoon! Don’t delay and visit to get your regular or VIP tickets! Only 300 tickets will be made available to this premier Saskatchewan craft brewing showcase!

Oct. 15: Monday Night Jazz & Blues. THE MINISTRY OF GROOVE. Great 1970’s jazz funk and beyond. Love those horns! 8:00 PM.

Oct. 17: Wednesday Night Folk. AUTUMN SINGER/SONGWRITER SHOWCASE.  This edition features the talents of; Devon Floyd, David Molloy, Trent Leggott, Regan Hinchcliffe, Neil Child, and Marissa Burwell. 8:00 PM.

Oct. 18: SCIENCE PUB – I ❤ Carbon Taxes! How making you pay more to fill up your tank can help save civilization. Our wildly popular Science Pub Series has returned for a seventh incredible season! Enjoy lectures on scientific topics of general interest in our Arizona Room (main floor banquet room) over beer and snacks. The room opens at 5:00 PM and quite often is full by 6:00 PM. Avoid disappointment and come down early for dinner and a pint before the presentation which begins at 7:00 PM. This month’s lecture will be presented by Brett Dolter, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics at the University of Regina.

‘I Never Thought This was Going to Happen.’: Craft beer on Sale at Mosaic Stadium

By David Baxter – Global News Regina

Beer is a staple at Mosaic Stadium, especially during Saskatchewan Roughrider games. The two are so intertwined that there’s an entire section named after Pilsner. Now there’s a new beer on tap during the final regular season games, Craft Beer Corner.

“We’re in the midst of a four game test, so Saskatchewan craft beer is being made available during Saskatchewan Roughrider games,” Bushwakker bar manager Grant Frew said.

Frew is also a member of the Saskatchewan Craft Brewers Association. Last year, a decision was made that craft beer would not be allowed in Mosaic Stadium, due to an exclusive contract with Molson Coors.

However, the group has been working with the Riders, Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL), and other partners over the past year to see if something could be worked out that would satisfy all parties.

What really helped get the ball rolling was when Frew and Roughriders CEO Craig Reynolds sat down to discuss the situation.

“If Craig was going to tell me there was simply no opportunity for Saskatchewan craft beer to be in Mosaic Stadium, I was perfectly willing to accept that answer and shake hands and go our separate ways, but much to my surprise he was very enthusiastic about bringing craft beer into Mosaic Stadium,” Frew said.

Now, there are six Saskatchewan-based breweries serving suds in the corner: Rebellion, District, and Pile O’Bones brewing from Regina; Churchill Brewing and Prairie Sun out of Saskatoon; and Swift Current’s Black Bridge Brewing.

Three of the breweries will have their beers on sale per game and the order was decided by a lottery system. Rebellion, Churchill and Prairie Sun were on sale during the Labour Day Classic and the upcoming Oct. 8 game. District, Black Bridge and Pile O’Bones will be available on Sept. 15 and Oct. 27.

There will be three specialty Molson Coors cans on sale alongside the local brews, including Granville Island.

Pile O’Bones co-owner Glenn Valgardson is looking forward to bringing their white IPA to the game.

“It’s a big win, it took a long time. If we flashback to a year ago I never thought this was going to happen,” he said.

“For me the visibility of being in a national stadium, like a sporting facility, is just wonderful for our marketing, our brand and just getting our beer to the people that want it,” he said.

In addition to the added exposure, Valgardson said it’s great to have another venue to sell their product as there is a great demand for craft beer in the Regina area.

This is a trial run, so REAL is monitoring the beer sales to gauge the reception to the new offering. So far they have been very successful. All of the craft beer sold out during the Labour Day Classic – Rebellion’s cans were gone before halftime.

“Assuming this is something that our attendees and guests are interested in we’ll look at what that plan is for next year,” REAL marketing director Paula Kohl said.

Currently, only cans are available at Craft Beer Corner. Installing new draft lines were considered, but it would have cost around $20,000. If the corner becomes a permanent fixture at Rider games, new beer lines haven’t been ruled out.

Longtime Bushwakker bartender/server, Cherise Desjarlais, recently held a sold out Bushwakker Steak Night where she shaved her head to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research. Way to go Cherise!



A little old lady was running up and down the halls in a nursing home. As she walked, she would flip up the hem of her nightgown and say, “Supersex!” She walked up to an elderly man in a wheelchair. Flipping her gown at him, she said, “Supersex!” He sat silently for a moment or two and finally answered, “I’ll take the soup.”

Weekend Dining Feature: Braised Porter Brisket w/ Baked Beans. $18.95

Soup & Sandwich Special is $13.95.  All hot specials are $16.95, except where noted, & include a serving of soup du jour, house, or Caesar salad.




Hot Special

Fri., Sept. 28

Roasted Butternut Squash

Dagwood Club on Multigrain

Rosemary Pork Roast w/ Scalloped Potatoes

Sat., Sept. 29


Denver w/ Cheese

Steak & a Pint. $19.95 (NEW)

Sun., Sept. 30



Steak & a Pint. $19.95 (NEW)

Mon., Oct. 1


Ham & Emmental Melt

Chicken Schnitzel w/ Braised Apples & Cabbage

Tues., Oct. 2


Oktoberfest Pizza

Beef Rouladen w/ German Potato Salad

Wed., Oct. 3

Cheesy Potato & Beer

Meatloaf Pretzel Bun

Poached Salmon w/ Lemon Dill Sauce & Potato Pancakes

Thur., Oct. 4

Sausage & Cabbage

Ploughman’s Lunch

Königsberger Klopse w/ Broad Noodles

Fri., Oct. 5

Oktoberfest Stew

German Deli Club

Sauerbraten w/ Dumplings

Sat., Oct. 6 & Sun. Oct. 7


Curry Wurst

German Steak & a Pint. $19.95

We strive to ensure all weekly specials and soups are made available. Product shortages or unforeseen circumstances may result in modification or even substitution of certain featured menu items.