THE WAKKER WEEKLY – Issue #1260 – Posted on: 23-Mar-2015

Bushwakker News

Our premium red wine special for March is Finca Las Moras Dada 2 Merlot From Argentina. The premium white wine special is Crazy Life Rivaner/Pinot Grigio from Germany. Both are $7.95 for a glass and $22.95 for a half litre.

Our guest draught tap is currently pouring Lighthouse Seaport Vanilla Stout from Victoria, B.C. Up next is the Central City Red Racer India Pale Ale from Surrey, B.C. Scores 98 points on

You may have noticed a new feature in the Wakker Weekly; we now suggest an appropriate beer to be paired with our weekend seafood special.

The Bushwakker has won two Consumer Choice Awards this year, one for “Restaurant-Pub” and the other for “Microbrewery”. We find this quite fascinating because the Bushwakker is not a microbrewery; that is, we do not sell most of our beer production wholesale. We sell most of our beer production retail, making us a brewpub. We noticed the same error in the recent article on the emerging craft beer scene in Saskatchewan in the Leader Post. Reporters seem to assume that they can use words vaguely associated with a sphere of activity somewhat randomly without ever needing to find out what they actually mean. We urge Schools of Journalism to promote higher standards.

Flek’s Czech Dark Lager; a personal story.

Several years ago our head brewer at the time, David Rudge, was of the opinion that our Last Mountain Lager, which we have called a Vienna Style Lager, was not exactly true to that style. He formulated a new beer which we have since been offering as “Classic Vienna Lager”. However, over the years since we first introduced Classic Vienna, we have been accumulating evidence that, in fact, Last  Mountain is actually quite representative of the Vienna style, and Classic Vienna is not. For instance we found ourselves assigned to judge commercial representatives of the style “Vienna Lager” at a Great American Beer Festival competition a few years ago. No entries were similar to our Classic Vienna. Last Mountain was very representative of those beers. According to the new list of beer styles proposed by the Beer Judge Certification Program, Vienna Lagers should have a darkness, using the “Standard Reference Method; SRM” scale, between 9 and 15. Classic Vienna has an SRM of 10.

Part of the confusion arises from the fact that during the last century, the style “Vienna Lager” became associated with Mexico and a dark Mexican beer, Negro Modelo, has sometimes laid claim to the Vienna style.

Those same aforementioned proposed new guidelines introduce some new beer styles. One is “Czech Dark Lager”, with an SRM range of 14 to 35. What we have been calling Classic Vienna is indeed a Czech Dark Lager with an SRM of 16.

The new Czech Dark Lager style is represented by several existing beers, including the beer served at U Fleků in Prague.  U Fleků (in English, At Flek’s) is a 1200 seat restaurant in Prague, in the Czech Republic, that makes its own beer; just one style. In other words, it is what we today call a “brewpub”. Its great distinction is that it has been serving that beer since 1499, which makes it the world’s oldest brewpub, by centuries!

We have visited it several times and have many fond memories of Flek’s. It played a role in our decision to get involved, first in amateur brewing, and then to develop the Bushwakker.
I remember sitting with German families at Flek’s with some members having travelled to Prague form East Germany and some from West Germany, before the wall came down. This was how they could get together. (At that time I was reasonably conversant in the German language.)

I remember walking back to my hotel from Flek’s late one night and encountering an attempted mugging. An older gentleman with a cane, but who was rather large and who also looked rather fit, was standing on a street corner swinging his cane to protect himself from a group of three or four young men who were clearly bent on robbing him.  I ran toward the scene. The muggers heard or saw me, thought it over and fled. The older gentleman did not hear or see me and never knew why his tormentors abandoned the assault.

The complex flavour of a Czech Dark Lager may include, in addition to the basic beer flavours of malt and hops, caramel, toast, nuts, licorice, dried dark fruit, chocolate, and coffee; hence the label shown opposite. U Fleků uses an image of a city clock in its branding, so we use an image of Regina’s old city hall clock in ours. By calling our Czech Dark Lager “Flek’s” we seek to honour a major milestone in the history of beer. We do not mean to imply that our version is made by Flek’s or that it is necessarily that similar.  However, it is of the same style as that served at U Fleků

Bev Robertson


Bushwakker Events

Mar. 21: Sask Sampler. The biggest folk night of the year at The Bushwakker! Enjoy six live acts performing at the top of their game in hopes of securing a spot on the Regina Folk Festival, Ness Creek Music Festival and The Gateway Festival stages. The festival artistic directors will be here checking out top notch musical talent from all across the province and so can you! This year’s line-up includes: Colter Wall, Friends of Foes, Danny Olliver, Bears in Hazenmore, Parab Poet and The Hip Hop Hippies as well as Veronique Poulin. Show begins at 7:00 PM. $10 cover charge. Be sure to arrive early in order to get a seat.

Mar. 21: The Bushwakker is of the contributing sponsors of the Saskatchewan Science Centre’s annual fund raiser. Fantasy Foods.
Find out more about this event at  The Bushwakker has supported this event since its inception. There is a historical link between the Science Centre and the Bushwakker. One of the developers of the Bushwakker Brewpub, Bev Robertson, also played a crucial role in developing the Saskatchewan Science Centre through 11 years of volunteer work.

Mar. 23: Monday Night Jazz & Blues. The Ministry of Groove. Popular act plays 1970’s jazz funk and more. 8:00 PM.

Mar. 25: Wednesday Night Folk. Brian Baguett. Enjoy the rich sound of the 10 string Chapman Stick from this native of Houston, Texas. 9:00 PM.

Mar. 30: Monday Night Jazz & Blues. The Dylan Wiest Fellowship. Young jazz act makes their Bushwakker debut. 8:00 PM.

Apr. 1: Wednesday Night Folk. Beth Arrison. Jazz artist makes her Bushwakker debut with her new modern Latin music. 9:00 PM

Apr. 1: Monthly ALES Meeting. If you are considering getting involved in the art of homebrewing or would like to improve your skills, now is the time to sit in on a meeting with one of the top ranked home brewing clubs in the nation and discover what they have to offer. Meetings are held in the Bushwakker basement clubroom on the
first Wednesday of the month and start at 8:00 PM. This month’s presentation topics include: kegging; vinegar making and English brown ales. The ALES club will also be hosting their annual ALES Open home brewing completion during the second week of April. Last year’s competition saw 634 entries from all across Canada. They could always use more volunteers to help as beer stewards and judges!

Apr. 3: First Firkin Good Friday. It may be Good Friday but we will indeed be open! Don’t miss the pomp and circumstance as a small keg of specially created beer is lead throughout the pub by a piper from the Regina Police Pipes & Drums. A volunteer is selected to tap the firkin and quite often all those in the immediate proximity receive a beer shower. The suspense and drama and the deliciousness of First Firkin Friday starts at 5:30 PM.

Apr. 6: Monday Night Jazz & Blues. ‘round Midnight plays great jazz and adult contemporary tunes with new lead singer, Carl Williams. 8:00 PM.

Apr. 8: Wednesday Night Folk. Bradford plays great acoustic folk and features Brad Papp and Mark Radford. Come celebrate Brad’s 50th birthday! 9:00 PM.

April 11: Annual Bushwakker Brewer’s Dinner   7:00 PM
One of our most popular signature events of the year returns! Our annual Brewer’s Dinner is a showcase of the culinary and brewing arts. Hosted by Bushwakker head brewer, Mitch Dalrymple, the dinner features five courses where every course utilizes a unique beer as an ingredient and each course is paired with a unique beer to enhance the flavours of the food. The Bushwakker Brewer’s Dinner is held in conjunction with the annual weeklong ALES Open national home brewing competition. Judging is conducted in the Bushwakker basement clubroom. This huge event saw 634 entries from all across Canada last year and promises to be even bigger in 2015. Bushwakker Brewer’s Dinner tickets are $85 per person. All 120 tickets sell out fast. Don’t miss out on one of our most decadent dining experiences of the year! The full menu appears elsewhere in this edition of the WW. This year’s theme is the Caribbean. Tickets are now available.

Apr. 16: Science Pub edition #28 – Let’s Talk Trash: The Use of Landfill Technology. Presented by The University of Regina Faculty of Science and The Bushwakker Brewpub. Our wildly popular monthly Science Pub Series continues in 2015! Enjoy lectures on scientific topics of general interest in our Arizona Room (main floor banquet room) over beer and snacks. The room opens at 5:00 PM and quite often is full by 6:00 PM. Avoid disappointment and come down early for dinner and a pint before the presentation which begins at 7:00 PM. This month’s lecture will be presented by Dr. Kelvin T. W. Ng from the U of R Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Time Out

A young wife, her boorish husband and a young good looking sailor were shipwrecked on an island. One morning, the sailor climbed a tall coconut tree and yelled, “Stop making love down there!”
“What’s the matter with you?” the husband said when the sailor climbed down. ‘”We weren’t making love.”
“Sorry,” said the sailor, “From up there it looked like you were.” Every morning thereafter, the sailor scaled the same tree and yelled the same thing. Finally the husband decided to climb the tree and see for himself. With great difficulty, he made his way to the top. The husband says to himself, “By golly he’s right! It DOES look like they’re making love down there!”

A new supermarket opened near my house. It has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of distant thunder and the smell of fresh rain.
When you approach the milk cases, you hear cows mooing and experience the scent of fresh hay.
When you approach the egg case, you hear hens cluck and cackle, and the air is filled with the pleasing aroma of bacon and eggs frying.
The veggie department features the smell of fresh buttered corn.
I don’t buy toilet paper there anymore.

I rear-ended a car a few days ago……. I tell you, It was a really bad day!
The driver got out of the other car, and he was a dwarf!
He looked up at me and said “I am NOT happy!”
So I said, “well, which one are you then?”

I have 2 dogs & I was buying a large bag of Pal at Big W and standing in line at the checkout.
A woman behind me asked if I had a dog.
On impulse, I told her that no, I was starting The Pal Diet again although I probably shouldn’t because I’d ended up in the hospital last time, but that I’d lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IV’s in both arms.
I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way that it works is to load your pants pockets with Pal nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry & that the food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again.
I have to mention here that practically everyone in the line was by now enthralled with my story, particularly a guy who was behind her.
Horrified, she asked if I’d ended up in the hospital in that condition because I had been poisoned. I told her no; it was because I’d been sitting in the street licking my balls and a car hit me.

Menu for the 2015 Bushwakker Annual Brewer’s Dinner.

Belgian Witbier Ceviche
What a start! A medley of baby squid, mahi-mahi and Atlantic scallops in a spicy citrus marinade. Served with plantain chips.
Cooked with: Hoegaarden Witbier
Served with: Northern Lights Lager

Dominican Sancocho
A hearty soup made with pork, sausage and tropical root vegetables. A staple throughout the Caribbean!
Cooked with: Regina Pale Ale
Served with: Bushvar Bohemian Pilsener

Jamaican Jerk Wings
Jerk rubbed and Red Stripe marinated chicken wings, charbroiled and served with a mango mint salad.
Cooked with: Red Stripe Lager
Served with: Bombay India Pale Ale

Rock Surf & Bock Turf
Caribbean rock lobster and AAA Angus filet mignon steak, gently marinated in Baron Bock. Served with a coconut rice pilaf and island vegetable skewer.
Cooked with: Baron Bock
Served with: “Seems Legit” Milk Stout (2014 ALES Open Best of Show beer)

Passion Fruit Cheesecake
A delicious end to the evening! This is not your regular Bushwakker cheesecake. A dry curd Ricotta cheesecake with a spent grain crust topped with a tangy fresh passion fruit sauce made with an apricot, mango, peach and passion fruit Belgian ale.
Cooked with: Huyghe Floris Ninkeberry
Served with: The “Revenge” of the Tartan Tzar Russian Imperial Stout

Brewer’s Dinners

We recently had an occasion to check out a brewer’s dinner presented by a member of the brewpub chain, BJ’s Brewpubs. The cost was a mere $30. (U. S.) The beers offered were a combination of BJ’s own and beers from the Rogue Brewery in Oregon. The beers were very good, but they were only used as accompaniments to the food; not as ingredients. The dishes served were based on chicken and pasta, the lowest cost ingredients in any restaurant. The beer descriptions were provided by the manager, who was clearly not a brewer.

You usually get what you pay for!

These quotation marks were probably intended for emphasis.
However, in context, they seem to be saying that they are
filling in for other words that would rather remain absent.

Weekend Seafood Feature: Salt Spring Island Mussels w/ White Wine Bacon Sauce. $15.95  (Suggested Beer Pairing: Flek’s Czech Dark Lager)  
Soup & Sandwich Special is $11.95.  All hot specials are $15.95, except where noted, and include a serving of soup du jour, chopped, or Caesar salad. 


Sandwich Hot Special

Beer Pairing

Fri., March 20

Split Pea & Ham

Honey Mustard Ham w/ Stout Mayo

Braised Sodbuster Short Ribs w/ Horseradish Mash & Chef’s Veg. $16.95

Sat., March 21


English Muffin Pizza

Steak & a Pint. $17.95


Mon., March 23

Chimmy Taco

Duck Spring Rolls w/ Cherry Cabernet Sauvignon

Pinwheel Sole w/ Bulgur Salad

Northern Lights Lager

Tues., March 24

Seafood Chowder

BBQ Chicken Alfredo Pizza. $13.95

Stroganoff Penne

Regina Pale Ale

Wed., March 25


Rockfish Sloppy Joe

Chicken & Waffles

Sodbuster Brown Ale

Thur., March 26

Mac & Cheese

Mortadella Monte Cristo

Pork Curry w/ Citrus Spiced Basmati

Stubble Jumper Pilsner

Fri., March 27

Beef & Baked Bean

Pepper & Sausage Panini

Stuffed Meatloaf w/ Cranberry Porter BBQ Sauce

Palliser Porter

Sat., March 28


BBQ Rib Pulled Pork Benny

Steak & a Pint. $17.95