THE WAKKER WEEKLY – Issue #1228 – Posted on: 11-Aug-2014

Bushwakker News

Our premium wines for August are from the Sandhill Estate Vineyard in B. C. The red is a Merlot VQA. The white is a Pinot Blanc VQA. Both are $8.50 for a glass and $24.95 for a half litre.

Our guest tap now offers Beer Here Jule IPA from Denmark.  $8.95 for a pint.

Bushwakker Events

Aug. 7: IPA Day. Join us as IPA fans around the world celebrate what has become the symbolic beer of the entire craft beer movement. Bushwakker head brewer, Mitch Dalrymple will offer his most innovative IPA firkin offering to date – a Maker’s Mark Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Dry Hopped Chico IPA! The firkin will be tapped at 5:30 PM. When visiting beer festivals across North America, we often see enthusiastic beer fans dressed up like Hophead Superheros. We encourage all Regina hophead fans to dress up in hop hats, hop shirts, hop sunglasses, hop necklaces, and even green hop tights and capes and join the firkin procession throughout the pub. The person wearing the best Hophead costume will tap the firkin as well as receive a bright green Bushwakker Chico IPA t-shirt! A number of bottled IPAs will also be available and our kitchen will offer a tasty meal feature incorporating this iconic beer style as an ingredient. Enjoy Chico IPA Brined St Louis Pork Ribs on pale ale marinated roasted creamer potatoes, topped with apple jicama slaw & served with tamarind summer sambal. The biggest day of the year for hopheads and craft beer lovers alike. Bitter is indeed better!

Aug. 11: Monday Night Jazz & Blues. Jeff Mertick & The Bluebeat Singers. Local veteran bluesman is joined by a powerhouse vocal duo and backing band. 8:00 PM.

Aug. 13: Wednesday Night Folk. Bradford. Brad Papp and Mark Radford deliver great acoustic folk. 9:00 PM.

Aug. 16: Riders vs Alouettes. Game time is 5:00 PM and we open at 11:00 AM. Stop by before, during or after the game and enjoy our Alouette Burger & a Pint feature. Go Riders go!

Aug. 18: Monday Night Jazz & Blues.  The Regina Jazz Quintet. Great jazz standards receive a youthful twist from this up-and-coming group. 8:00 PM.

Aug. 20: Wednesday Night Folk. Kory Istace Songwriter’s Circle 2. Veteran singer/songwriter, Kory Istace showcases his talents with a number of Regina songwriters. 9:00 PM.

Aug. 25: Monday Night Jazz & Blues. Uptown Jazz. Great jazz standards performed by talented musicians both young and “mature”.

Aug. 27: Wednesday Night Folk. Creek City. Folk/roots/rock group from Swift Current makes their Bushwakker debut. 9:00 PM.

Aug. 29-31: Labour Day Long Weekend Keg Event. A great way to celebrate this football weekend is with a Bushwakker keg. Four sizes of kegs are available to suit any gathering – large or small. Receive free ice, cups, coasters and the loan of a keg chiller tub with any keg purchased this weekend. Cheer on the Riders with family and friends in front of your screen at home with a Bushwakker keg.

Order your keg a few days in advance to avoid disappointment.

Aug. 31: The Labour Day Classic Burger Battle. We open at 11:00 AM this Sunday morning for one of the biggest games of the year! We welcome our many Winnipeg friends as they make their annual trek to Mosaic Stadium  and to the Bushwakker. To pay tribute to this annual football contest, we not only offer a Bomber Burger and a Pint feature, but also a Rider Burger & a Pint feature. Both burgers will be absolutely delicious. History has demonstrated that the best-selling burger will usually indicate which team will win the Labour Day Classic. Go Team Green!

Sept. 1: Monday Night Jazz & Blues. The Jazz Band-Its. We open at 11:00 AM on Labour Day Monday. A great way to end off a long weekend is with a big band jazz performance from the largest band to ever grace the Bushwakker stage! 8:00 PM.

Sept. 5: First Firkin Friday.

The Firkin Tapper

The people who are invited to swing the mighty firkin-wakker (a large wooden mallet) on First Firkin Friday are often celebrating a birthday or anniversary or some other special event in their lives. Some have come some considerable distance and find themselves at the Bushwakker on First Firkin Friday. August’s firkin tapper was of the latter category but his presence was not accidental. In fact he sent us the following email message.

Greetings Bushwakker,

My name is Dan Raberding and I live in Harper, Kansas, U.S.A.  I am undertaking a motorcycle trip to Canada in conjunction with my 25th consecutive trip to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  I have specifically planned my arrival in Regina for August 1st in order to be at the Bushwakker for First Firkin Friday.  Due to the scope of this endeavor, I would like to request your consideration for the honor of tapping the firkin.  I worked for a housing construction and remodeling firm for several years earlier in my career so I’m no stranger to swinging a hammer and believe I can provide a stellar performance with the Firkin Wakker (blatant self-promotion). Regardless of your decision and barring any misfortune or malfunction, I will be at the Bushwakker on First Firkin Friday for a great meal and to enjoy some of your award winning Regina Pale Ale.  I won’t be hard to recognize.  After bucking and bouncing about 1,300 miles across my country and yours, I’ll be the guy that’s ready for a COLD BEER!

Dan did indeed produce a mighty swing and almost succeeded in taping the firkin with one blow, but a small second tap was needed to finish.

One way to keep from losing the keys.

August’s Artist

August’s artist is Miranda Brown. She is a Regina-based artist who recently graduated with great distinction from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the University of Regina. Inspired by designs found in nature, the subject matter of her work is based around the bio-diverse collection of the natural world. One of her objectives as an artist is to encourage outdoor exploration and inspire a greater appreciation for nature. Using graphite on paper, Brown’s Encircled series includes delicate and detailed portraits of various wildlife surrounded by lush botanical frames. This series promotes the importance of preserving natural habitats and celebrates the variety of life. At present, Brown is actively creating and showing artwork in addition to delivering art workshops to the local community.

Time Out; Quotes from John Madden

“There’s a lot of letters in Ladanian Tomlinson”

“The best way to gain more yards is advance the ball down the field from the line of scrimmage.”

“It’s 3rd and 20..They need a good play here.”

“See, well ya see, the thing is, he should have caught that ball. But the ball is bigger than his hands.”

“When you have great players, playing great, well that’s great football!”

“Ruben Brown made that play there, well I mean he missed the guy completely but he was able to create just enough room for Thomas Jones by whiffing. The air he created on the miss gave Jones enough space to score.”

“If the quarterback throws the ball in the end zone and the Wide Receiver catches it,. It’s a touchdown.”

“If this team doesn’t put points on the board I don’t see how they can win.”

“Whenever you talk about a Mike Shanahan offense, you’re always going to be talking about his offense.”

“Some yards is better than none yards?”

“Here’s a guy, here’s a guy who when he puts his contacts in, he can see better”.

“Usually the team that scores the most points wins the game.”

“Mark Brunell usually likes to soak his balls before a rainy game.”

“When your arm gets hit, the ball is not going to go where you want it to.”

“They’re either going to run the ball here or their going to pass it.”

“The Dallas Cowboys have 2 types of plays in their playbook. Passing plays, and running plays.”

“When it’s raining the field gets wet, then all of a sudden everyone’s running slower?”

“Hey, the offensive linemen are the biggest guys on the field, they’re bigger than everybody else, and that’s what makes them the biggest guys on the field.”

“If your defense has dirt on their backs they’re having a bad day.”

“He had to get there fast, so he ran…”

“The fewer rules a coach has, the fewer rules there are for players to break.”

(a lineman was having trouble with his helmet on the sidelines and couldn’t get back in the game) “Just put a bucket over his head and send him back in there.”

“Brett Favre can throw the ball 300 yards underwater.”

“I always used to tell my players that we are here to win! And you know what, Al? When you don’t win, you lose.”

“He might want to watch where he lands when tackling that guy, because he could really hurt his hand if it gets stepped on.”

“Playing in this nice weather really makes me remember all the times I got stung by a bee.”

“The best feeling is watching a real football game, because the games they show in the movies aren’t real.”

“There definitely needs to be water on the sidelines for these players, but I also had some Gatorade just in case they were allergic to the water or vice versa.”

Our weekend Seafood Feature is Soy Glazed Barramundi w/ Wilted Spinach Salad & Roasted Vegetables. $15.95
Soup & Sandwich Special is $11.95.  All hot specials are $15.95, except where noted, and include a serving of soup du jour, chopped, or Caesar salad. 




Fri., Aug. 8

Cream of Broccoli & Cheddar

Roast Chicken Sweet Bun

Beef Rendang

Sat., Aug. 9


Banana Stuffed French Toast w/ Strawberry Sauce

Steak & a Pint. $17.95

Mon., Aug. 11

Potato Dill

Sausage & Mustard Panini

Blackened New York w/ Steak Fries & Hot Spinach Salad

Tues., Aug. 12

Cabbage & Cilantro

Moroccan Chicken Pizza. $13.95

Spicy Ginger Garlic Spaghetti

Wed., Aug. 13

Hot n’ Sour

Sesame Chicken Wrap w/ Crispy Noodles

Green Beef Curry

Thur., Aug. 14

Bacon Tomato

Feta, Lentil & Grapefruit Salad

7-Day Brined Ham w/ Mushroom Cassoulet

Fri., Aug. 15

Cajun Chicken Mushroom

Roast Beef on Multigrain

Spicy Shrimp Fettuccini

Sat., Aug. 16


Burger & a Pint. $16.95

Steak & a Pint. $17.95