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Bushwakker co-founder and president, Dr. Robertson passed away on November 19, 2017. His values and fierce devotion to quality food, beer and service remain strong in his immediate and extended Bushwakker family who still operate your Bushwakker.

The Robertson family spent the year 1976/1977 in Stuttgart, Germany while Bev was on sabbatical at the Universitat der Stuttgart. When the family returned home Bev decided that domestic North American beer was no longer acceptable. He took up home brewing and his efforts soon evolved into the Bushwakker Homebrewers. The Bushwakker Homebrewers consisted of a few individuals who produced roughly 250 imperial gallons of beer over each winter, for their own use. Their beers won several prizes, such as best Continental Dark/MÞnchener Dunkel in the 1985 Great Canadian Homebrew Competition for Arctic Dark. In 1985 Palliser Porter took Best in Show at the Great Canadian Homebrew Competition, Best Porter at the American Homebrewers Association competition and the Cape Cod Brewers Award.

Eventually, they began to tire and Bev decided to "go commercial" in 1986. He was able to convince the government of the day to pass enabling legislation to make Saskatchewan one of the earliest Canadian provinces to allow brewpubs. The Bushwakker received its license in 1990 and opened its doors in early 1991.

Bushwakker co-founder, Elaine Robertson passed away on January, 17, 2024. She was The Bushwakker's General Manager Emeritus. Even after her retirement Elaine continued to assist in making things run smoothly at The Bushwakker. Her continued presence in weekly management meetings and daily check-ins with her daughter created a sense of continuity for her management team. Elaine often served as a sounding board and even “dropped the hammer” on occasion. She demonstrated plenty of fire when tough decisions needed to be made.

Elaine was certainly the strong woman behind her successful man. Bev was quick to acknowledge his brewpub dream would not have been possible without his wife serving as contractor manager during its construction and human resources manager during employee recruitment. Elaine was also responsible for overseeing all employee activity as general manager and was also a bartender for well over a decade.

Beyond overseeing the smooth and consistent operation of her brewpub, Elaine was instrumental in the creation of the front staff dress code. She felt her staff should not wear uniforms and that they should be permitted to wear clothing which allowed them to feel comfortable and express their personalities while still adhering to a clean and conservative appearance. Elaine did not want her staff being pestered by overly-forward customers and she certainly did not want female customers to ever be made to feel uncomfortable in her establishment. Unwelcomed table visits from suitors were quickly extinguished for it was paramount to Elaine that Bushwakker would be a place where a group of women or more importantly, a single woman could come for a nice meal and a nice drink free of unwanted solicitation. This core Bushwakker value is still held in very high regard today.

Elaine grew up in the small town of Keswick, New Brunswick. She had a background in Sociology and Special Education and worked for a time as a teacher. She had given presentations on Brewpub Management at international brewpub meetings.


Blackberry Mead Countdown

We look forward to another fantastic annual Bushwakker Mead Day! Thanks to all of you who take part in our annual holiday season kickoff year after year. You make this longstanding tradition a true Saskatchewan phenomenon! #bushwakkerbrewpub #MeadDay2024

2024 Blackberry Mead Release
December 7th, 2024.

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The Bushwakker Brewpub kitchen has a set menu, seasonal specials and daily specials. Several dishes on the Bushwakker menu are made with the finest fresh Bushwakker beer. The Bushwakker philosophy that it must offer the very best, and that means everything possible must be prepared to the highest standards by Bushwakker staff within the Bushwakker, not only applies to the brewery, it also applies to the kitchen. Bushwakker kitchen staff arrive every workday morning by 7:00am, preparing meals for the day from basic ingredients. That is why Bushwakker fish and chips, nachos, hamburgers, fries and many other dishes are known to local customers to be simply the best you can get anywhere!
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